Such A Marvelous Example

Dear Steve,
 My heart is so sad at the passing of this great warrior of God, yet I have to
rejoice for I know he's wearing a white robe and crown, is finally out of pain,
and has heard Lord Jesus say-Well done thou good and faithful servant. I had been
listening to Greg on your show and Hawk, the Hagmanns, etc for years, when I went
to the Whitestone Conference, and was so looking forward to meeting all the
watchmen I had been listening to and praying for.
 I left the conference room on the first day, and as I opened the door, I literally
ran head on into Greg. I stood there with my mouth open, when I realized who it
was, shocked to realize it was this wonderful man I had admired so long. I managed
to stutter out-You are Greg Evenson! It would be a tremendous honor just to shake
your hand!-I felt like the most idiotic groupie, but I was so in awe of him, I
couldn't help myself.-True to form, he was a total gentleman, took my hand, and
made me feel so at ease I felt like we had been friends a long time. I had tears
in my eyes. I felt like I had met a warrior angel, and the warmth and sincerity
that lay on him like a mantle covered me as well. We chatted for several minutes,
and I will never forget him. I met a lot of the watchmen that weekend and I felt
like I was in the presence of spiritual giants, with the Holy Spirit hovering over
us all. Greg was such a "man's man" and such a marvelous example of what men are
supposed to be, while many just are not, that I will  hope to see him and Liz in
heaven. After the conference when the word went out that Greg needed a kidney
transplant, I immediately went on the list. If a kidney would keep him among us
longer, I was more than willing to give up one of mine, or whatever else he
needed. He was a giant of a man in all the ways that really count in this life,
and a model for all to emulate. I am sure there are many who would not be alive
today, were it not for Greg. We have had national days of mourning for much lesser
 My prayers and love are with dear Liz and all his family.
 Lynn Kempher, Pagosa Springs, CO