Alive In Our Hearts

 Dear Steve,
           It is with the deepest sadness I write these words about Greggs death
as  he is still very much alive in our hearts..I met  Liz and Gregg 
about 9 years ago at our church retreat while I was living at
Morningside.I had been following closely his messages on Hawks show for
a couple years ..Gregg went where few men dare to go, and did what few
men dare to do..he paid the highest price a man could pay to share with
 us the truth and set us free from the deceptions we were being fed.
Dear Liz, please know Gregg knew you were one of the greatest gifts our
dear Lord  could have given to your heroic husband..for few men have
paid the price you and Gregg did as His utterly faithful servants..
 Much love 
 Alexandra L