Greg’s Faith Was Evident

Hi Steve,
 I'm saddened to hear of Greg's passing. I became aware of Greg through your
broadcasts with him. He used to conduct a weekend of training up at his property
in the UP of Michigan. I went up for what turned out to be his last two. In 2013,
there were only about six of us, as I recall. It started raining that Friday night
and Greg offered to let us all stay inside his house. Greg was very personable,
kind and humble. Saturday evening after the day's training, we all sat out on his
deck gazebo and talked. What a great time of fellowship. Sunday Greg had a church
service at the dining room table. He was having trouble with his eyes to read so
he asked me to read the Bible verses, which I gladly did. Several of his neighbors
helped out that weekend, including Rick Shumard. They have a nice, close-knit
community of like-minded friends. Greg's faith was very much evident in his words.
The next year, 2014, we had a better turnout. Around 16 or so. I got to meet Liz;
such a nice lady and she organized wonderful meals for us the entire weekend.
That's no exaggeration, the food was great. Greg wasn't as hands-on this time, he
looked tired. Still the same persona of course, just not the same energy. He never
mentioned anything about not feeling well. Saturday evening, on that long deck, he
led us in singing "How Great Thou Art". As you probably know, Greg could sing. It
was a couple of weeks after the training concluded that year that I found out that
Greg was seriously ill. As I said, he never let on that anything was wrong. He
told stories of his life and answered questions. A tough man when the situation
required it but a very giving man, a caring man about people and our nation. His
story about calling Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger, when Ben was a kid,is a nice
memory. I had planned on returning the following year for training, this time with
my wife who had been ill 2014 but Greg's health issues didn't allow for it. When I
heard Greg would be going to Madison Wisconsin for testing with his kidney
problems, I contacted my friends over that way, one of which runs the Rock River
Patriots organization to see if they'd contact Greg to speak to their group. They
did and he obliged. The group had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Greg and I
knew that he'd be paid pretty well to speak. A win-win.
 You've lost a dear friend and I've lost a man I admired for his character and
courage. I look forward to seeing Greg again one day in the eternal presence of
our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Greg suffers no more, praise God. But Liz and
Ben do now. May God comfort them as only He can. Greg touched many souls during in
his exemplary life. I'm honored to say one of them is mine. Very much honored.
 Your Brother in Christ
 Patrick W
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