From France With Love

Greetings in Jesus’ name, Steve, Doug and Joe,
We grieve not as those who have no hope, concerning the Homegoing of our
yet-unseen brother Greg Evenson.  We “met” Greg after hearing your testimony of
salvation, Steve (at the time we left America as missionaries of the Gospe.  You
also asked us to pray for Hawk, who introduced us to Greg. 
 We had been listening to the Hagmanns and you, Steve, as assiduously as we can by
Internet from our home base in France.  We started listening to Hawk, and thus
became acquainted with our brother Greg and his dear wife Liz, with whom we have
had the joy of exchanging correspondence. 
 You can’t imagine the loneliness of missionary service in hostile situations (we
live where Communism began in France, and we teach the Word in SE Asia, where
Communism thrives).  You all have become our friends by distance in this
 We pray for you all daily, as we did for Greg, who is now rejoicing in the
presence of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Well done, good and faithful servant!
 In Christ’s happy service,
 Dave and Debbie