Email from Elizabeth S

Dear Steve,
 Gregg Evensen was first among all that followed, to include you, the Hagmann's,
John B. Wells, George Wells, Rebekah Roth, Field McConnell, and others, to awaken
me, then my husband, my son, my father, my brother, all whom are men of God.  His
impact upon this one tiny remnant is immeasurable. 

The last interview with you and Gregg was among the last few times of single
minded spirit led clarity I was able to share with my husband just weeks before
his own death.
 Liz Evensen is in my prayers, for only she knows the loss both she and we have
sustained with Gregg's passing.  
You will remain in my prayers, both for God's protection, and gratitude for your
ever persistant calls for the men of God to stand and Gregg most
fairhfully did.
 God Bless and Keep you, Cause His Light to shine upon you, and Hold you always, in
His Hands.

 Elizabeth S