A Mans Man

It is a rare treasure to hear a man so soft spoken, yet; his words containing the
weight to move mountains. The first time I heard Greg Evenson was, on the Hagmann
and Hagmann show, with Steve Quayle. I later heard him while he was recovering
from a surgery which affected his vocal cords. He explained his experience in the
hospital and how the doctors were sure of his end. Greg had accepted the fate of
leaving this world and going to be with Jesus and our heavenly Father. He
acknowledged God's will but asked if there was anything left for him to do, then
spare his life. 
 During the broadcast there were times his voice was almost at a whisper but he
wasn't going to let a whisper go unspoken because there was truth to be told and
silence all around. A coming day of men's hearts failing them for those things
coming upon the earth and Greg saw this upon the horizon. He could hardly speak
but as long as God gave him a breath in his body, a pulse in his veins, he knew
that a mere  whisper can be the loudest voice when Jesus directs the words.  
That particular day I was feeling so distressed about my own life and I just stood
there in my room and said, "Oh God please forgive me, please forgive me, have
mercy on me Lord when you have supplied everything for me, have I stood to even
whisper for you? This man has tasted death but calls to you Lord, "How can I serve
you more." . I sat there with such conviction,truth ringing in my ears, this man
wasn't afraid to die but afraid that this generation was not ready or awake for
what lies ahead. He was trying to save me he was trying to save you... 
 I am 30 years old and born into the "I Generation". My career, my life, my job, my
body, my needs, my facebook, my money, my weekend, my car, my nothingness. We have
everything at the tips of our fingers, youth, beauty, know how, technology,
women's rights, but how far we have fallen from the truth. Greg Evenson was a
truth seeker. He sought out the truth with his whole being and when he found the
truth he wanted to broadcast it to the world to wake us up, to have us stand, to
take action and prepare. He understood how the truth can set you free. He wasn't
ashamed or apologetic to be a man. He talked about the times we soon will face and
he didn't fear "going out" guns blazing to protect his wife and kids. 
 May his family find peace in the lives that Greg was able to touch without ever
meeting them face to face. His words will ring true now and until we too have
finished our course and fought the good fight. Greg Evenson stood for Jesus when
he couldn't stand, spoke for Jesus when he couldn't speak, and fought for Jesus
until he couldn't fight.
 Nicole G